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Photo by Sterlinglanier Lanier.

I can’t help myself. I’m always inspecting websites, finding lies and promo codes. This time, I received a LinkedIn message with an invitation to join a platform called WeTal, which was described to me as “like Tinder but matches developers with jobs.” Doesn’t sound very appealing. I was about to delete the message, but something piqued my interest. The message contained a link to their website, which included a URL parameter containing the username of the person who supposedly referred me. In other words, I received a URL that looked something like this:

Obviously, I had to try entering…

Photo by Richard Taimalie.

Ah, Sweden. My home country. Well-known for its meatballs (that we don’t actually eat that often), its relentlessly cold and dark winters, and, of course, its diehard socialism. Yes, we probably have more vacation days than you. Yes, we have no tuition fees; on the contrary, we are paid to study. And yes, our taxes are as high as our caffeine intake. This is why you might be surprised to learn that we don’t have a minimum wage.

The minimum wage is a hot topic in the United States of America, where many people want it raised. It’s become a…

Ghost of Tsushima features a large open-world, yet there is neither a mini-map nor a compass to be found. Image from the Ghost of Tsushima press kit by Sucker Punch / Sony Interactive Entertainment.

There’s no doubt in my mind that my face featured a look of determination as I ventured into a small patch of grass with my charming pal Charmander by my side. I’m somewhere around eight years old, and I’m exploring my first video game world without the slightest idea of the journey ahead of me. The world of Pokémon feels vast, yet Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule Field, which I would get to experience shortly thereafter, would be even grander.

Alas, the worlds that felt massive to me as a child are now standard procedures. Video game worlds have grown massive…

Some time ago, I exposed an e-shop for blatantly lying about the number of people viewing their products. Their public source code contained a JavaScript function that randomized the number. Since then, the administrators of the e-shop have quietly removed the code from their website.

Well, we are once again exploring the source code of a website, but this time there’s nothing crooked involved. The website that I’ll be showing you today simply exposed hidden promo codes in their public code.

We’ll be looking at a chain of indoor water parks called Great Wolf Lodge today, though I want you…

All illustrations in this article are made by the author.

What’s the first company that comes to mind when you hear the term artificial intelligence (AI)? DeepMind? OpenAI? Boston Dynamics? Well, whatever it is, it’s most likely not Domino’s Pizza. But this international pizza chain is a fascinating case study on AI.

Domino’s adoption of AI is quite remarkable, mostly due to the fact that the company is in the category of companies least likely to adopt AI. Yes, it’s a multinational non-tech company founded in the 1960s with a streamlined value chain and a dominating position on the market. …

Your journey into AI is a lot easier if you have a strategy. Photo by Annie Spratt.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reinventing industry after industry. In China, AI is tutoring children in more than 1700 schools across 200 cities. In Australia, an AI created a flu vaccine that far outperformed all other existing flu vaccines. In the US, a machine-learning robot is autonomously cooking burgers. There are many incredible real world-implementations of AI. And now, with OpenAI’s recent ground-breaking language-generating algorithm called GPT-3, remarkably powerful AI solutions are pouring down like rain. Crafty developers have already deployed GPT-3 to autonomously write viral blog posts, generate web designs, and create role-playing adventures.

Machine learning technologies are more accessible…

Use your bursts of motivation to build discipline, but don’t rely on motivation to keep you going. Photo by Braden Collum.

Moments of motivation find you whenever it feels like it, lingering for a little while before leaving you yearning for more. Much like energy can be obtained from a morning cup of coffee, motivation can be obtained through meditation, a phone call with a friend, or even an inspiring Reddit post. But much like your energy level is often influenced by events outside of your control, so too is motivation an unreliable force.

In my early 20’s, I used to think that successful people were constantly motivated. How else would they be able to get so many things done? I…

Photo by Pixabay.

Last year, I wrote a somewhat popular article on making money with stocks. Interestingly, the piece has seen another spike in its number of reads over the last week, perhaps due to people setting New Year’s goals to start investing. In that article, I spoke strongly in favor of index funds, and well, that advice still stands. See, this year isn’t off to a great start. And while I am greatly in favor of optimism in life, I am devastatingly realistic when it comes to money.

The fact that you clicked on a headline that says “Making Money On Stocks…

Photo by Fernand De Canne.

There is a lot of hype surrounding OpenAI’s incredibly powerful machine learning algorithm GPT-3. The algorithm can generate convincing pieces of text with very little input required. Give it a title such as “Feeling unproductive? Maybe you should stop overthinking,” and it can generate an entire full-length cohesive article that could go viral (and it did). It can be used to perform a wide range of tasks. For instance, GPT-3 can summarize articles, generate fan fiction, and even write programming code.

There is no doubt that this is an outstanding machine learning algorithm. Some, myself included, might rightfully call it…

Did you know?

The world’s best flu vaccine was recently discovered with artificial intelligence (AI). Progressive organizations are using AI to invent new food recipes, perfume scents, and alcoholic beverages. Children in more than 200 cities across China are being tutored by AI. In the US, AI has secured political victories for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump. News articles are being written by AI autonomously. Police authorities around the globe are using AI to track and identify suspects.

AI is being used to explore Mars, scan pizzas, automate warehouses, write music, pick apples, analyze phone conversations, remake video games, detect cancer, flip…

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