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It’s frightening how convincingly it wrote the news

Ever since a certain American president took the term “fake news” into the mainstream, trust in media outlets has been decreasing worldwide. More and more people report that they encounter fake news online. The issue of fake news has become well-known globally, as it threatens our democracy.

I’d assume that falsified news are usually written by a human. I was curious to see if a present-day algorithm could generate believable fake news on its own, without any human touch. I deployed OpenAI’s powerful AI algorithm GPT-3 for this task. This AI is well-known for its ability to read and write.

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski.

And it shows the strengths and weaknesses of GPT-3

I asked OpenAI’s now-famous algorithm GPT-3 to write me a story. GPT-3 is likely one of the most powerful natural language processing (NLP) algorithms in the world. It can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as summarizing articles, powering video game dialogue, and even writing programming code.

I thought it would be fun to see such a powerful algorithm write a simple story. I only provided the initial three sentences, and the AI wrote the rest. As we’ll see, the AI created a compelling story that lacked cohesiveness.

The text shown in bold is my initial input…

Photo by Annie Spratt.

OpenAI’s algorithms have opened the floodgates to code-generating AI, but how will it impact software developers?

GitHub recently announced its new code-generating AI: Copilot. Unfortunately, the method that Microsoft-owned GitHub used to gather and use the data powering the machine learning-powered software is questionable at best. It’s so bad that those who use the AI could potentially find themselves in lawsuits.

But GitHub is far from the only company creating code-generating software. For instance, startups such as Enzyme and Debuild are currently building solutions that will allow users to generate code by simply describing what they want to have made. …

GitHub describes its new product Copilot as an “AI pair programmer.” However, pair programming usually doesn’t usually involve stealing licensed code, does it? Photo by Christina Morillo.

Some are even abandoning GitHub because of it

GitHub just announced its latest, shiny product: an artificial intelligence (AI) called Copilot. It’s a machine learning-powered software that can write code by itself, generating quite impressive programming functions. Yet, it has people pulling out of GitHub and worrying about lawsuits.

The AI works similarly to other OpenAI-powered code-generating tools. The user writes a comment describing what they want the AI to write, and the AI makes it happen. What makes Copilot unique is that it also takes initiatives on its own, suggesting autocompletions on the fly.

It sounds really cool, doesn’t it? If you know me, you know that…

JavaScript is incredibly flexible. Photo by jana müller, cropped by the author.

How did JavaScript establish itself as the dominant web development language?

JavaScript (JS) is, and has been for many years, the most popular programming language in the world among developers. For most of the history of the internet, JavaScript has been the de-facto programming language to use when building websites. In somewhat recent years, JavaScript has evolved to become used for virtually any software, including server-side code and both desktop and mobile applications.

When people speculate on why JavaScript is so popular, they will often provide shallow answers. Some might say that JavaScript caters to all skills levels; others that JavaScript is popular because it can be used for so many…

Two similar yet different ways of traveling the world

Picture by the author.

Only a handful of years ago, everyone was talking about backpackers, a fascinating group of people who decide to explore the world carrying nothing but a figurative and sometimes literal backpack. In more recent years, another riveting term has appeared to describe a similar-minded group of people who too enjoy discovering the world: digital nomads.

An avid traveler myself, I have lived in a small number of countries and traveled across a larger number. I am convinced that traveling the world is the best way to open one’s mind. I’m not talking about traveling as a tourist, spending one’s days…

Photo by David Matos.

Artificial intelligence can be a very confusing topic

Ask a hundred people what they think artificial intelligence (AI) is, and you’ll likely get a hundred different answers. It’s a broad term with a near-unlimited number of interpretations and an equal number of misconceptions. This is precisely why my client meetings, workshops, and lectures on artificial intelligence inevitably feature a two-minute segment where I ask the audience how they perceive AI. Without fail, there are always some misconceptions that must be addressed before any discussion on AI can begin.

Some people have been exposed to AI through dystopian Hollywood flicks, some through philosophical podcasts, and some through deep learning-tutorials…

Make your console colorful

Screenshot of styled console.log() messages taken in the Brave web browser. Image by the author.

Every web developer is familiar with the console.log() function, which is often used for debugging values during development. Since it’s usually only used as a mere debugging tool, you may not be aware of the fact that console.log() actually offers some extensive features, such as styling.

I recently wrote an article where I described how to add CSS to console.log() to create pretty labels. However, over the last few days, I’ve felt that I should expand on that concept with a second piece that explores more styling options in a broader context. You can add all sorts of styling properties…

Easy to remember, difficult to guess

Absurdly enough, people are often taught to create passwords that are difficult to remember. Contrary to what one might believe, powerful passwords can be made easy to remember. Photo by Sam Balye.

Websites will often recommend you to create passwords that look something like this: b9fQWa!1d. Passwords like such are incredibly difficult to remember, especially considering the fact that you should never, ever reuse the same password across different services. Good luck remembering dozens of passwords like those. You can save the password in your browser, but that’s not going to help you when you need to sign into your e-mail from another device.

In this piece of text, I’d like to introduce a way to build passwords that are easy to remember yet difficult for computers to crack and humans to…

Photo by Roger Brown.

7 Things You Need To Know About Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Last year, I wrote a popular article about making money on stocks. Today, I would like to discuss another intriguing investment alternative: cryptocurrencies. Though cryptocurrencies are a lot more than just an investment opportunity, many newcomers have entered this domain with the hopes of gaining money.

Crypto investment is no get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a dangerous investment alternative where you might lose everything you invest. In this piece of text, I will cover seven things that every new crypto investor should understand before investing.

Before we get to it, though, let me tell you what this article doesn’t cover. This is…

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